Moderator Recruitment

Hello there, fellow Wikia User,

As you can tell by the title of this discussion, I’m looking for a Moderation Team, to help me run this Wiki. To get one, I’ll need to hold applications; you all are free to apply!

The only requirement you need to apply is to not have been banned once. If you’ve been banned at least once, well, I guess you won’t be able to apply. But due to how inactive this Community is, the chances of you being banned once are slim.

If you haven’t been banned; great! Don’t hesitate to apply! You may PM me on Discord if you don’t want anyone to read your application. My Discord ID is: Mugen#1889

The positions you may apply for:
• Administrator
• Content Moderator
• Bureaucrat*
• Chat Moderator*
• Discussions Moderator

*I’ll only be holding applications for the Chat MOD and Bureaucrat is when the Wiki becomes 10x more active than it is now.

Please answer all the following questions that are given, by commenting down your answers. I would advise you to answer the questions in a mature and calm matter. Otherwise, your application will not be counted.

The questions:
• What position are you applying for?
• Why are you applying for that position?
• Do you have any experience in Moderating?
• What would you recommend that we add to the Wiki to make it better?
• Have you read the Manga?
• What is your timezone? (I’m trying to get a better idea of timezones so communication will be easier)
• Who is your favorite Character? (Bonus Question)

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With all that said,

Good luck!