2 Women
Chapter 016
Kanji 女2人
Rōmaji Onna futari
Chapter Information
Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 16
Episode Number 9
Story Arc Tōhōshinki Arc
Release Information
Pages 18
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Previous Hurricane of Love
Next You Are Unforgivable
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2 Women (女2人, Onna futari) is chapter 16 of the Beelzebub manga.


Nene approaches Kunieda again in a classroom at Ishiyama High. With a serious attitude, she asks Kunieda how he feels about Oga. Feeling embarrassed, Kunieda denies feeling anything about him. Nene claims she is lying and that she’s been thinking about him and falling in love with him. Kunieda denies this, but comes to confess that she thinks Oga less of a bad person the more she sees him and that Beelzebub looks cute. She refutes this by saying she can’t become Oga mother right away. Nene angrily reiterates their law as members of Red Tail where the members must not form intimate relationships with men. Nene claims that by falling in love with Oga, Kunieda will set a bad example for their underlings. Kunieda, now with a serious face, promises not to fall in love with Oga. Outside their classroom, male students are running through the hallways to see Oga battle MK5. Kunieda runs out with them to see what is happening.

Outside, Oga can be seen standing, with Beelzebub on his shoulder, among the members of MK5, whom are all lying on the ground. Hilda is sitting at a bench nearby. Kunieda finds Oga and Hilda together standing, shocked at her appearance. Two male students standing in front of her comment on how Oga and his “bride” make a good couple. Unbeknownst to them, Kunieda is standing behind them, extremely furious. She takes her wooden sword and slices it across the windows, nearly missing the students. She leaves with a vow to kill Oga.

Now walking with Oga, Furuichi asks him what his plan is with Beelzebub now. He reminds Oga that although he’s trying to force Beelzebub onto Kunieda, a strong person, Beelzebub won’t be attached to her because she’s not evil. Just realizing this, Oga replies coolly that men are fighting spirit, to which Furuichi kicks him for bluffing and not really having a plan. Oga claims the Demon “King” will definitely be attached to the “Queen”. From a window, Natsume calls on Oga, confirming he already finished fighting Kunieda. Oga doesn’t recognize Natsume, but Furuichi reminds him of his past affiliation with Kanzaki. Natsume recalls that now that Oga had beaten Kunieda, all he has left is Tōjō to beat, Ishiyama High’s strongest. Beelzebub tries to recall Tōjō’s appearance, but gradually thinks of a milk bottle. Nene and Chiaki approach Oga and Furuichi and ask them to follow them to see Hilda. Meanwhile, Hilda is confronting Kunieda and is about to fight her.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Nene Ōmori
  2. Aoi Kunieda
  3. Chiaki Tanimura
  4. Nakata
  5. Shimamura
  6. Buu
  7. Tatsumi Oga
  8. Beelzebub IV
  9. Chatō
  10. Hilda
  11. Ikari
  12. Takayuki Furuichi
  13. Shintarō Natsume