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Aoi Kunieda (邦枝 葵, Kunieda Aoi), also known as Kunie Aoi (青井くにえ, Aoi Kunie), is a second-year from Ishiyama High School and the third leader of Red Tail, as well as a Tōhōshinki member. She, along with Tatsumi Oga, was a class representative during their time at Saint Ishiyama Academy.[3]


Aoi's full appearance

Aoi is an extremely attractive and beautiful young teenager with waist-length dark blue/black hair that has bangs hanging over her forehead and blue eyes.

Early in the series, she commonly wears an open white trench coat, cargo pants, bandages covering her chest that revealing her stomach and white boots. She also wears a black string around her neck with a golden ring hanging in the middle.

After handing over the leadership to Nene Ōmori, Aoi begins to wear an average school girl uniform consisting of a white blouse that is slightly unbuttoned, a red loosened tie, and dark blue skirt covering her thighs. The day after the victory in the volleyball match, her appearance changes slightly. She looks more dignified than before. Along with her usual uniform, she now wears a dark green coat with a St. Ishiyama label on it. The blouse is now properly buttoned at the top. The tie is also tightened and is tucked under a v-neck sweater. However, after reclaiming her position as leader of the Red Tail, she returns to her initial outfit.

When disguised as "Aoi Kunie", she wears a simple dress, a bucket hat, and a pair of glasses. Aoi changes her hair style, tying it up into loose pigtails and pushing her bangs away from her face. She is often seen with Kōta Kunieda (Aoi's younger brother).

Near the conclusion of the Tōhōshinki arc, she is seen wearing a traditional Japanese article of clothing known as a hakama. Her hair is also tied up with a simple piece of hair accessory.


Aoi with her younger brother at the park.

Aoi is first portrayed as a strong and determined young woman who will not hesitate to beat down those who oppose her and is said to be very charismatic, which is what allowed her to become the leader of Red Tail. She retains a serious attitude throughout her earlier appearances. However, after her "defeat" at the hands of Oga her attitude relaxes considerably, revealing a somewhat kind personality.

Initially, her eyes tended to be sharp and serious. However, during the development of the series, her eyes start to show more happiness and relaxation. In serious situations, her personality reverts to that of her delinquent self, or when pertaining to her rivalry with Hilda. Besides Tatsumi Oga, most people tend to easily read her emotions such as her crush on Oga, or her jealousy of Hilda.

Aoi's shy personality.

She has an obvious crush on Oga which makes her act shy whenever he is around. Furthermore, she tries her best to hide her alter ego, Aoi Kunie, from Oga because he is nicer to Aoi Kunie, and she thinks he will hate her for deceiving him if he finds out the truth.

After she regained Red Tail leadership, her personality reverted back to being sharp and serious, but she still retained her feminine personality and feelings for Oga.

Aoi often lashes out lectures to anybody that she sees doing anything wrong, and frequently shows exasperation at Oga's shallowness, his obliviousness towards her feelings and his obliviousness towards the romantic connotations of many things that he says. She also knows basic First Aid, which she used to treat Hilda when she was stabbed by Hecadoth's Spear.


Tōhōshinki Arc

Aoi falls in love.

Aoi appears for the first time in the park with her little brother Kōta, where she is only introduced as Aoi by one of the other mothers there. She is teased by them for having a child at 17, since they assume Kōta is her child.[4] Later while sitting down on a bench with Kota, she meets Oga there for the first time after he throws Beelzebub too far and has to run after him. After he scares away the other mothers and disposes of a police officer, he asks her out with the intention of having his "Park Debut" with her.[5] She initially misunderstands, thinking that he is asking her out on a date due to his vague way of saying it. Aoi then introduces herself and her brother. Afterwards, Oga gets Beel and Kōta to fight but Beel easily loses (due to him not being within physical contact of Oga). Although she is somewhat cautious and suspicious, Aoi notes that Oga does not seem like a bad person.[6] Later on, the mothers who Oga scared away call a cop to the situation, who tries to pick on Oga because he wants to get Aoi's attention. When she tries to defend Oga, the cop groups her with Oga in the same derogatory manner, and comments on how punks are the trash of her society.[7] This angers her greatly and as she is about to slap him,[8] Oga attacks the cop first and throws him into the trash bin.[9]

Aoi Entering the School.

At the end of the day, she returns home and changes, revealing her initial self to be a disguise to protect her identity as the leader of Red Tail. Here, she is revealed to be the third Tōhōshinki,[10] regarded to be stronger than both Kanzaki and Himekawa. After hearing about what happened in Ishiyama High, she goes back to find Oga and punish him for the sake of Ishiyama's girls, until the two actually meet face-to-face. She realizes that he was the same person from the park, and freezes.[11] After a brief interruption by Oga and Furuichi, the two then engage in a fight. She remarks that Oga is 'trash' when he refuses to let Beel off his head.[12] Oga dodges Aoi's attack, which Nene and Chiaki praise him for, but Aoi quickly utilizes her Shingetsu: Nishiki Hyakka Midare Zakura.[13] Oga also dodges the attack, however, much to everyone's shock. Oga also realize Beelzebub likes Aoi and approaches her, asking her to be Beel's mother.[14] This confuses and embarrasses Aoi, and when Oga accidentally calls out her first name (he was saying "Ah oh!" instead), Aoi becomes flustered even more and quickly leaves.[15]

Aoi watching from afar

It became evident that Aoi developed a crush on Oga much to the disgust of some of her fellow Red Tail members, even wondering if Oga was divorced.[16] Later, she learns that Oga is in a fight with the MK5 and rushes to watch, but notices Hilda as well. Upon hearing her fellow delinquents talk more about Oga and Hilda, Aoi becomes enraged.[17] The two eventually meet and Hilda challenges and spars with Aoi.[18] When Aoi barely dodges her attacks, Hilda states that she may be strong but not on the same level as Oga.[19] Soon, Aoi was informed that Nene and Chiaki were beaten up, and assumed it was Oga's doing. She then challenges him on the school's roof, declaring that she will never forgive him for what he did.[20] She, however, is unaware that it was a trap set up by Miwa. Aoi launches an attack on Oga, which he dodges, and tells him to come after her first. Oga mistakes Aoi for wanting to take care of Baby Beel,[21] surprising the latter. Aoi then asks as to what Oga did to Nene and Chiaki. But again, Oga mistakes her words; he mistakenly believes that she was referring to how he tried passing Beel to Kanzaki and Himekawa and mocks the two as being weak, angering Aoi further as she believes he is referring to her friends.[22] Aoi continues to fight Oga and launches another attack on him, Shingetsu: Ichishiki Hagan Kiku Ichimonji.[23]

Nene then enters the vicinity just when Oga appears to have lost, confusing Aoi when Nene tries to explain the situation before. Miwa then appears, exposes his plan and reveals himself as the responsible behind the attack. Before he is about to attack, Oga awakes and defeats Miwa by slamming him deep in the ground. Aoi realized her mistake and Oga tries to pass Beel to her when she apologizes. She doesn't answer and simply asks the relationship between Oga, Hilda, and Beel. Oga states that Beel was forced upon him and that Hilda is a Demon; the two women mistakenly believe that Hilda is an evil woman who forces people to take care of her children.[24] Hilda reappears and states that Aoi cannot take care of Beel, and after a few words between the two, it becomes clear that a rivalry has ignited between both. Afterwards, Aoi quits Red Tail to try to make amends and become closer to Oga, much to Red Tail's chagrin.

Aoi meditating.

She is later seen along with the Red Tail assisting Oga get to Toujou by using a wooden halberd, clearing a path for him from the delinquents blocking his way.[25] After Oga finishes his fight with Tōjō, she leaves Oga alone stating that she will only get in his way.

During summer she takes Kōta out while in disguise with her grandfather, Ittōsai Kunieda, to Mapputatsu mountain to deliver something for a friend and by chance encounters Oga training Beel to get over his fear of insects. He fails to realize she is Aoi Kuneida, only remembering her as the girl from the park, and invites her for ice cream.[26] Oga asks what was her name and just before she can say her full name, Ittōsai comes to check up on her. She then, in a rush, came up with the name Aoi Kunie. When Ittōsai ask who Oga is, she panics and states that he's a friend of hers. He became interested and asked Oga to shake hands only to suddenly toss Oga before challenging him to a test of strength.

Agitated, Oga charges and attacks but misses Ittōsai takes advantage of Oga's opening in his offense and uses Nadeshiko to subdue him. Aoi butts in yelling at her grandfather, only to be interrupted when he realizes his package was stolen. Aoi and Ittōsai chased the three delinquents to a park with a ledge. Just as her grandfather was about to beat up the delinquents, she suggests he look behind them and seemingly falls from the cliff. Oga then steps in and punches one of the delinquents running away[27], while the others are apprehended by Ittōsai single-handedly. He states that he sees potential in Oga and that he's free to come to their dojo and become stronger, accepting him as a possible grandson-in-law much to Aoi's embarrassment before walking away with her.[28]

Saint Ishiyama High Arc

Aoi using a ruler as a sword.

Due to the school being destroyed, Aoi and some of the students are transferred to the sister school Saint Ishiyama High where she is placed next to Oga's seat. When Oga and Furuichi stumble into Teimou territory and they held Kazuya and Azusa hostages, Aoi rescued them and assists in Oga's fight. She and Oga were both asked to go see Kido due to this incident and both were forced to make sure to keep Ishiyama students from causing trouble otherwise they'll both be expelled. After their meeting Aoi follows Oga who wanted to visit Kazuya in class. When they found out Kazuya isn't there Aoi tried to get Oga back to class but he said he wanted to ask about the Rokkisei.

As soon as Oga said Rokkisei the whole class got scared and Shinjo and Sakaki appear in front of them. As soon as Aoi tried to reason with them, they stated that they are doing this as punishment Sakaki attacks Aoi with his bamboo sword. Aoi managed to dodge but he still cut some of her hair. Aoi asks Azusa for a ruler and prepares to fight back. As Sakaki attacks Aoi, she easily cuts his sword. Shinjo then faces Oga, but Oga only ask him riddles while getting punched. Unable to dodge he ask Aoi to hold Beel and tells her he won't fight back but don't stray more than 15 meters away from him. She misunderstands and assumes it means stay close to him. When Oga dodges and stops one of Shinjo punches, he answers his riddle correctly. Oga was hoping Beel was watching only to realize that Beel fell asleep in Aoi arms. When Shinjo and Sakaki walk away both Aoi and Oga return to class. While returning Aoi was wondering why were the Rokkisei able to freely fight back without and trouble from the teachers and Oga realizes that Beel is completely attached to Aoi and once again asks if she can just be his mother much to her embarrassment.

Aoi holding a ruler in the anime.

When back in class they both realize Kanzaki is missing. When they were told that he went out to find the ones who injured Shiroyama so badly that he had to be hospitalized, they immediately rush and try to find him only to find him defeated in class by Miki. After getting Kanzaki out and listening to Miki telling them to meet in the rooftop if they want to fight. Back in class, an argument ensues between Nene and Himekawa. Aoi stops them, only to find both Himekawa and Natsume seem to just leave it be and 'go home'. On the rooftop, Oga appears and find Miki, Shinjo, Sakaki, and Go ready to fight. Aoi, Himekawa, and Natsume appear behind him, ready stand up for Ishiyama and their comrades. Sakaki attacks Aoi without hesitation, even though she was unarmed, only to be stopped by Himekawa and block one of Miki's attacks directed at him. She manages to counter Miki despite getting hit. Before they could fight Oga steps in and asks Aoi to hold Beel for him. She tries to warn Oga of Miki's techniques only for him to ask if she believes he would lose, she tells him no. For the rest of the match she observes, and was surprised when Tojo, Izuma, and Shizuka appear. Tojo was ready to fight, but was forced to stop by Izuma, and Shizuka stated that the police was here.

The next day she along with Oga, Furuichi, Kanzaki, Natsume, Himekawa, and Tojo were told to be expelled for fighting. Aoi tries to convince them to not expel the others and at least punish the Rokkisei as well for fighting, only to be told that they were given the authority to use violence against anybody in the school especially the students of Ishiyama. They would have been expelled if it wasn't for Himekawa reasoning (they no longer have any reason to not fight back against the Rokkisei) and was postpone. They made a deal that in a couple of days there with be a festival and they will have to face the Rokkisei in a sport match. If they win they won't get expelled and the Rokkisei would lose their authority in the school.

Back in class, she get a shock when she realizes that Hilda has been transferred into their class and tries to argue with her for choosing her seat to be in front of Oga. Later she was informed that the sport match would be volleyball. She at first tries to get everyone to attend for practice but fails. Hilda easily manipulate everyone to come for practice for revenge (trick everyone in thinking that the Rokkisei were insulting them during practice).

Aoi as part of the volleyball team.

During practice everyone was doing good but still working as a team as well as arguing who is the leader. Hilda makes a proposition that whoever can return her serves will be the leader. Everyone was intimidated by the speed and strength of Hilda's serve except for Aoi, who volunteers to do it. She missed the first one, but after focusing, she returned back the second one, only to hit the net. Impressed, everyone willingly decided that Aoi was most suited to be a leader and started playing as a team. Over the next few days, they continued to train till the day of the match. During the match they had a bad start, since Oga and Tojo didn't know the rules and cheated. They manage to make a comeback by using Beel as part their plan to cheat. It was successful at first but Izuma uses his demonic power in a serve that cause Aoi to stand down temporary. When sitting down Hilda as what she thinks of that man (Izuma) but she misunderstands and thought she was talking about Oga. She stated that she interested in Oga and tried to hide it saying as a friend and it was nice doing things with everyone. She then came to realize that she enjoyed it when everyone was working together and she doesn't want them to be apart.

Due to Aoi being absent from the team, everyone starts to fall apart. She realizes this and quickly makes a comeback, encouraging everyone to win. She stated that Izuma was strong but compared to Hilda it was nothing, not to long everyone seem to have improve and didn't even need to cheat. While playing with all their strength everyone from Saint Ishiyama was impressed with them and starts rooting for them. Near the end of the match it seem like they were about to lose but Oga managed to make a save making them win the match. Aoi helps Oga back up and everyone was lining up and show their appreciation for the match only to be interrupted by Kiriya. The entire gym was surrounded by Teimou delinquents and were held hostage by Kiriya. When Oga and Miki defeat Kiriya shadow group, she along with Red Tail, and Rokkisei manage to detain all of Teimou. After Oga unleashes Zebul Blast on Kirya and witness him being covering in demonic markings. Thanks to Izuma and Shizuka interference they manage to cover the fact that Oga was taking care of a demon but didn't convince Aoi. After the match, she was shown to have overheard Oga talking to Hilda about Izuma knowing about the existence of demons.

After "training" in the dojo Aoi, Oga, and Teimou shadow force travel back to Mapputatsu mountain to train. She demonstrates how to perform Nadeshiko for everyone to learn. When everyone was finally done they eat and Aoi lectures Oga about keeping demons a secret. After they go to a temple and are greeted by the chief priest and Isafuyu. Aoi was thinking of a way to keep in contact with Oga, only to be hugged by him. She knocks him off out of embarrassment, only to get hugged again. Not too long afterward, she realizes that it was Beel inside Oga's body and that they switched bodies. Hilda gets angry and jealous that Beel is quite attached to Aoi and challenges her to see who can get Beel to go to them. Both try different methods to get Beel to come towards them, even starting to fight each other again. In the end, Beel hugs Aoi when she releases demonic energy during the match. Out of embarrassment she hits back while Hilda, completely enraged by Aoi, tries to attack but hits Oga and Oga in Beel body tries to attack only to realize that he switched back to his body before they all manage to land a hit. Back in class she is still traumatized by being hugged, Red Tail convince Aoi to let them use her dojo for their meeting without realizing that it was plan to try and convince her to join Red Tail again.

Back at the dojo, Aoi seems to dismiss Red Tail coldly but it was because she didn't want them to get involved with demons. It was then revealed that Isafuyu guided Aoi to the Tengu's temple for power. While at the temple she was told in exchange for power she had to answer a few perverted questions. Aoi gets enraged by this and destroys the temple only to find Koma. After apologizing and getting beaten up several times, he agrees to help Aoi become stronger.

Akumano Academy Arc

When the Ishiyama students was sneaking in to Akumano Academy they encounter Agiel, O'Donnell, and Zela. Agiel quickly send some of Ishiyama students flying and was about to kill Nene until Aoi intercept the attack. Aoi tells the group to run and she prepares to face Agiel. Agiel and Aoi duel and Aoi easily defeats Agiel with Koma's power. While Aoi was informed of what was really going on Agiel becomes enraged and vow to remember Aoi for what she did. She was seen at the door waiting for Oga after falling and failing to save Hilda. The next day when Oga was sleeping from training to the point of exhaustion he wakes up and finds himself, Aoi, and Lamia traveling on a ship. When Oga remembers what happen and going to train to use Ankokubutō, Aoi introduces Koma and now she can use demon powers like him. They stop at Decapitation Island and try to find Ikaruga only to find the village in the island deserted, and full of dolls. Not long while searching, they get ambushed by the dolls. They fight back and easily overpower them and not long discover that the dolls are possessed demons because they have no form or rank in demon world so they live in the human world. Ikaruga appears and seem to know about Aoi's mother. She then say that she can teach Aoi and Oga how to use Ankokubutō but they both must fight seriously against each other. Both fought their best but in the end Oga won due to Aoi getting distracted by what Oga said and misunderstanding his words as usual. In the end, both Aoi and Oga were approved by Ikaruga to learn Ankokubutō. They return from training after successfully learning Ankokubutō.

Aoi later shows up to help Oga who attacked Akumano Academy alone and saves him from an attack from Tiriel. She sends Tiriel flying and tells Oga to run and save Hilda as she starts to fight the 4 Pillars: Tiriel, Fabas, Elim and Pamiel and later Agiel who joins the fight. After she activates her Ankokubutō she became too fast to see and she was easily about to defeat Tiriel, Fabas, and Elim, when Pillar Barons Ananta and Vritra show up. Ananta attacks Aoi from behind, making her spit out blood. Agiel puts her sword up to Ananta proclaiming what was happening was boring. She stands in front of Aoi, saying that she defecting to her side.

Memory Loss Arc

She was one of the few people Oga tried to see to get Hilda's memory back. Instead this backfires and both get in to a fiery argument when Hilda states that Oga is her husband and Aoi is trying to steal him from her. Both were arguing until Hilda asked if she has feelings for Oga. She was about to answer but was to embarrassed to speak and ran away. While eating lunch with the Red Tails she finds out the reason Hilda acting the way she was is because she had amnesia. She gets a little mad that Oga didn't mention that first. While walking she hears a crash noise and looks at what happened, only to find Furuichi and Yolda. Yolda teases her and tells her that the way to get Hilda's memories back is to have Oga kiss her. She explodes with embarrassment. Later, she joins Lamia, Beel, Oga, Furuichi, and Yolda in search of Hilda after they discover that she ran away.

Field Trip Arc

Hero Show Arc

Mobichi Arc

Aoi being unexpectedly hugged by Furuichi(Agiel) during his fight.

When Furuichi's cold takes affect during school, Kunieda suggests that he go to the infirmary as it might be dangerous if it spread and infected Baby Beel. She then turns back to the front of the classroom, ignoring what Furuichi and the Red Tail are saying behind her.[29]

Furuichi later returns and starts a fight with both Kanzaki and Himekawa which they take to the hallways, while their peers, including Aoi, watch from afar. During the fight, Agiel is summoned to the battlefield which surprises Aoi.[30][31] While Aoi continues to observe the fight, she is suddenly hugged in a tackle-like manner by Furuichi and is subsequently spun around in the air, embarrassing her. When Furuichi continues to hold on to her, Aoi punches him out of annoyance. She is surprised to see him rise quickly from the ground and resumes watching from afar.[32] Eventually, the fight ends and Tōjō ends up being the next to fight Furuichi. The subsequent battle astonishes Aoi especially by the leveled strength between the two fights,[33] albeit while Furuichi is being supported by Jabberwock, whose arrive surprised Aoi.[34]

Aoi offers to help.

Aoi later accompanies several of her peers to the local river where the find the Shadow Force ganging up on Oga and Furuichi. She explains to Oga that everyone has been worried about them and declares that they will help out; she also mentions that she told their classmates that Furuichi was having a fever earlier. Afterwards, Aoi stands proudly beside her fellow delinquents as they prepare to take down the Shadow Force.[35] Once the fight ends, Aoi later smiles when she sees Nene praise Oga's friendship with Furuichi.[36]

Saint Saint X'mas Arc

Return to Ishiyama High School Arc

The Red Tail offers to write Aoi's messages for the fortune cookies.

In preparation for the new year, which Aoi's family intends to celebrate with a small festival being held at their home, Aoi helps out by writing small messages to place inside fortune cookies, which she hopes to sell. She is discovered by the Red Tail girls as she is busy with the fortune cookies; with the Red Tail eager to help, they are eventually left to handle the task on their own.[37]

Aoi eats with Oga and Furuichi at the small festival.

On the morning of the small festival, while Aoi is sweeping outside, she sees Oga and Furuichi celebrating the new year with the temple's Gods, albeit in a much more casual manner; as a result, she tells them to do it properly or otherwise deal with the Gods' anger. Later, while eating with the two, she learns about Oga's dream involving a hawk with an eggplant head marked with "Fuji" on it. She is confused about his dream. Nonetheless, she offers some fortune cookies to sell to them; upon noticing Oga's message, she asks whether it has any relation to what he saw, only to be told that it doesn't. She is then yelled at for the seeming "trick" in the fortune cookies which Aoi mentions in her head that it shouldn't have been left for the Red Tail to handle.[38]

Aoi then changes the subject by asking whether Oga or Furuichi know about the new semester yet. She is pleasantly surprised that they already know about how it has finished rebuilding after several months; with her thoughts said, she mentions how every Ishiyama student will finally be able to return to their original high school.[39]

Later, on Aoi's first day back in Ishiyama, she is approached by the "Reborn Red Tail" from Majōgari Academy.[40] In addition to her unease from their presence, she re-meets the Red Tail's second leader, Ringo Hōjō, then admitting to her predecessor that she knew that the confrontation is of her doing.[41]

Aoi receives treatment for her wounds after her fight.

Aoi is later beaten by the "Reborn Red Tail" and she later heads home, where Ittōsai tends to her injuries and starts bandaging them. While he is finishing up her treatment, they are visited by the Red Tail, and eventually Oga and Furuichi. Upon seeing her female companions, Aoi assures them that the injuries she has received are minor and are nothing more than scratches; however, she does warn them that Ringo Hōjō is responsible for them, nonetheless. When Aoi sees Furuichi enter her home, she is visibly stunned and she puts on a robe, though, when Oga arrives, she screams and ends up slapping them both on the cheeks.[42]

Aoi declares that she and the Red Tail will handle Tabako's girls.

A meeting is eventually held at the Kunieda's residence that also includes the other Tōhōshinki and Red Tail. Aoi checks to see whether everyone has arrived before it is pointed out that Oga and Furuichi have been beaten up, which causes her to blush; not long after, everyone begins the meeting. The delinquents discuss the unnatural strength of Yōhei Nasu as well as the fact that the girls from Majōgari Academy have already attacked Aoi. In light of the latter, Aoi declares that she and the Red Tail will personally handle Tabako and the others from Majōgari Academy, as the name of the all-female gang is dependent on it. As such, the others can deal with the other "Upstarts" in their high school.[43] Furuichi then starts dealing with the rest of the preparations.[44]

After Furuichi finishes strategizing their plan, conflicts arise after Kanzaki and Himekawa both express their distaste in Oga as their alliance's leader. Upon hearing Kanzaki's complaint, Aoi points out how he previously stated that Oga is the leader among them during their field trip to Okinawa. It is eventually decided that a game of rock-paper-scissors will decide the leader in their alliance. After everyone participates, it is decided that Baby Beel will be the leader, surprising and irritating Aoi.[45]

Aoi approaches the members of the "Reborn Red Tail".

The next morning, Aoi visits the den of the "Reborn Red Tail" hoping to talk privately with Ringo. She discovers that the second leader has gone out though she is told to sit down by some of the higher-ups.[46] Aoi eventually sits across the apparent second-in-command, Maaya Ajari, with additional tea served out for the both of them. Maaya proposes that Aoi "betray" the original Red Tail and join them instead. Aoi stubbornly refuses to listen further to her nonsense; however, as she turns to leave, she notices other girls blocking her way. When Aoi begins to hear Maaya taunting Nene, she angrily tells them that they are underestimating her, and finally walks out.[47]

Aoi later receives an anonymous phone call as she is walking down the hallways. She answers, finding that Ringo is on the other end, moreover that Oga has apparently been captured by her. Aoi is insistent that it is a lie though she then notices Furuichi and Baby Beel running up to her; evidently, Oga and Baby Beel have switched bodies again. The news irritates Aoi. Forced without any other options, she asks for Ringo's conditions on freeing her hostage, and is told that they must fight.[48]

Aoi being warned about Ringo.

Together with a now-clothed Oga, whose mind remains intact within Baby Beel's body, they confront Ringo somewhere across campus.[49] There, Oga eventually tells Aoi about how Ringo is possibly a Spell Master like Nasu. Aoi calls for Koma to check Ringo about any Demonic power only to soon realize that he is absent, much to her dismay.[50]

Aoi and Ringo eventually get caught in a little spat with one another; upon Aoi's nasty remark, she is subsequently slapped across the face by Ringo, which leaves her visually indifferent though silenced. She soon bears witness to Oga's half-naked and restrained body. Aoi immediately flusters with embarrassment over the sight and petrifies when Ringo states that she would be inclined to remove his pants, as well.[51]

Aoi is put at a surprising disadvantage against Ringo.

Her emotions shift when she sees the real Oga being slapped aside by Ringo; angry, she attempts to shout back at Ringo, though after Ringo tries silencing her again, remarks that the latter's time as a leader has come to an end. This prompts Ringo to challenge Aoi to a fight using wooden swords; such a challenge sparks confidence inside Aoi. They clash, though much to Aoi's surprise, she proves to be at a disadvantage against Ringo, who eventually strikes her down and wounds her. Aoi realizes that Ringo has changed considerably since before.[52]

Aoi is forced to choose between the people she cares for.

She is eventually struck down with an ultimatum about whether she should help Oga or the Red Tail. While thinking about it, she hears Nene's voice and looks away, only to discover that the entire Red Tail has been wiped out. In light of this new situation, she is then told by Ringo to fight either Oga or Nene, for the other's safety. Aoi begins seething with anger but is struck on the head before she can shout back at her predecessor. Forced to a silence, she begins reflecting on the decisions she made previously, which causes her to feel guilt and regret for being too irrational earlier; she eventually starts crying that things would have been much better had she not have had feelings for Oga.[53]

Aoi receives her King's Crest.

Caught in her despair, she is blind to everyone else's words and fails to defend herself from an oncoming attack from Ringo; surprisingly, however, Oga runs up and prevents Ringo from striking Aoi. Aoi becomes surprised when she realizes what has just occurred. Oga proceeds to tell her that she isn't being blamed for anything and that she should fight. Encouraged by his words, Aoi picks up her wooden sword and rises on her feet with a new motivation to fight. Moreover, due to her feelings after Oga's statement, she is bestowed with a King's Crest marked with the number 2 appears below her collar bone.[54][55]

Aoi protects Nene from being struck by Ringo.

Fueled with motivation and power from the King's Crest, the latter being easily felt by Aoi herself, she becomes completely indifferent to Ringo's threats. Her confidence incites Ringo's attitude and they quickly resume their fight, although Aoi is continuously put at a defending standpoint, especially after she stabs through Ringo's coat with her wooden sword. However, when Ringo suddenly targets Nene, Aoi, who already deduced that Ringo would take such an action, quickly defends her comrade and strikes back with an original technique: Desert Haze. This attack seemingly defeats Ringo. Aoi then tells Maaya Ajari to release Nene, which she does.[56]

Aoi reclaims her position as leader of the Red Tail.

Aoi attempts to console Nene when the tearful teenager begins apologizing for her incompetence. Instead of chastising her, however, Aoi apologizes for making her and the other Red Tail girls wait so long. She takes off Nene's coat and dons it over her own shoulders, declaring that she has returned to being the leader of the Red Tail. When the members of the "Reborn Red Tail" jest at her, she silences all of them immediately, though she then smashes several of their heads into the wall. Aoi states that she has forgotten what it is like to be a leader with responsibilities before declaring to Ringo that she will protect all that she cares for, adding that her predecessor's threats will no longer affect her.[57]

Despite her words, Ringo proceeds to grab Oga's body and repeat her threat about burning one of his eyeballs; even so, true to her word, Aoi is completely indifferent to the matter. She does express surprise when it is subsequently revealed that Oga and Baby Beel have switched back their bodies,[58] again when she hears Oga's statement about Ringo's cheap tactics.[59] Then, after Ringo angrily strikes at Oga, Aoi steps up to fight her in place of Oga. Oga grants her permission as she walks away while Aoi maintains a confident expression.[60]

Aoi swiftly brings a humiliating defeat for Ringo.

Again face-to-face with Aoi, Ringo summons the rest of the "Reborn Red Tail" to challenge her opponent. Instead of feeling intimidated, Aoi calmly states that she feels better about fighting all-out against them without killing anyone. Aoi disappears in a flash only to reappear moments later, knocking down everyone within her sight with swift ease. Once she defeats them, she is engaged in a final sword battle with Ringo. During the climatic last moments, Aoi asks Ringo what she plans to do with her subordinates, before they violently strike back-and-forth at one another. Aoi uses this situation to slice apart most of Ringo's clothes and her wooden sword. As the second leader collapses to the ground, defeated, Aoi remarks that her attitude is the reason why she lost their fight.[61]

Following the battle, all members of the "Reborn Red Tail" concede allegiance over to Aoi; however, still angry at them, she decides to write the kanji for "fake" above all of their Red Tail coats. After telling them to line up, she states that all of them are free to rejoin the original Red Tail, even Ringo. When Aoi looks towards Ringo, she witnesses Koma appear to fondle an unconscious Ringo. She quickly realizes that he has been present throughout her battle and has been furthermore assisting Ringo's group against her. This revelation incites anger in Aoi and she proceeds to violently beat up Koma afterwards.[62]

Aoi meets her friends on the way to Oga's house.

Sometime later, Aoi is called on a snowy day to see Oga at his house and goes over. She meets Furuichi, Lamia, and Kanzaki on the way over where it is revealed that they are all going to see Oga. Lamia briefly tells them that Hilda will elaborate more on the King's Crest; unfortunately, Aoi is oblivious as to what it is. The four then decide to go to Oga's house with one another.[63]

Misaki greets them at the front door when they arrive; now aware of her identity, Aoi politely greets Misaki as she is welcomed in. She briefly mentions that the Red Tail are doing fine. While being taken upstairs to Oga's room, she and the others are told that he has been preparing something since the previous night, though, to their exasperation, it appears that he has only been playing a strange card game with Baby Beel.[64] Aoi becomes particularly annoyed when it is revealed that some cards in the game are used to portray to her likeness, albeit with apparent changes.[65]

Aoi flusters when she learns about the King's Crest.

The four guests eventually get over this minor distraction and they then set up a video call to link from them to Hilda; this particularly intrigues Aoi. When Hilda connects to them, she first snickers at the fact that Aoi has the King's Crest herself, causing Furuichi and Kanzaki to inquire about its location. Aoi shyly lowers her shirt's neckline to partially reveal the marking below her collarbone; following Furuichi's lewd comment, she covers it back up, and after Oga makes a similar statement relating to his game, she and the others focus back on Hilda's explanation. However, after Hilda explains that the King's Crest signifies a lifelong allegiance between Aoi and Baby Beel, as well as Oga to a certain extent, she becomes flustered again, especially after the bond is compared to that of wedding vows; however, after realizing that Kanzaki obtained his King's Crest before her, she briefly sulks in depression. Afterwards, she focuses back on Hilda, who elaborates more on the King's Crest and the possibility of recruiting Himekawa into their ranks.[66][67]

Aoi feels unsure of Himekawa's motives.

Sometime later, Aoi plays tennis with several of her delinquent friends, where they discuss how Himekawa apparently betrayed them to join Takamiya. Aoi is uncertain of Himekawa's betrayal and wonders whether he is merely acting everything out, noting how his personality tends to shift a lot. However, Tōjō then reveals moments later that it does not appear to be the case; despite his claims, Aoi simply reflects that Takamiya truly is a Spell Master. She looks for Oga around the courts but realizes that he has already left.[68]

Kanzaki and Aoi arrive.

Aoi is later awoken during the night by Lamia, who informs her that Furuichi is in trouble. Aoi dresses herself and goes out to help; Kanzaki, who was also woken up by Lamia, ends up joining her. When he complains about being woken from his sleep, Aoi reminds him that it would be natural for Lamia to be so frantic over Furuichi. Eventually, they arrive at their high school where the "Hime Boys" ask them who they are. Aoi formally introduces herself to the delinquents; then, after hearing Kanzaki's self introduction, she remarks over the facial expression that he makes.[69]

Aoi and Kanzaki eventually take down the "Hime Boys" with ease; afterwards, she tells the group to step aside so that they can get to the school buildings. She then notices Kanzaki harassing one of the delinquents about a soul. Knowing what he is referring to, Aoi, who admits that she is still skeptical over a soul being split apart, tells Kanzaki that the other King's Crest bearers will most likely have the fragments with them instead. She then looks at one of the buildings where she sees two such individuals staring down at her.[70]

Aoi blocks an oncoming attack.

The two head inside one of the buildings where they then proceed to walk up a stairway; on the way, Aoi mentions that the school feels creepy at night and is subsequently mocked for the feminine statement by Kanzaki.[71]

As she begins to protest, she sees the girl from earlier at the top of the stairway, just about to assault Kanzaki; seeing this, Aoi warns Kanzaki to get away. He ends up failing to see the attack within enough time which forces Aoi to defend him. After maintaining their distance, Aoi remarks that the girl is skillful for being able to attack so silently. She then realizes that another delinquent is behind them, worrying Aoi. She quickly understands that the two members of the Fallen Angels have them cornered and remarks that the situation is worsening. Despite the circumstances, she is simply told by Kanzaki that she can fight the girl.[72]

Aoi being easily struck down by Suzune's staff.

Facing Suzune Suzumura, Aoi asks about the "soul" that she has and insists that Takamiya gave a piece of it to her. Suzune becomes irritated when she hears Aoi mention her beloved's name and initiates their fight. Aoi strikes first but soon finds herself in an uncomfortable predicament, quickly being put on the defensive, which she quickly realizes is even more difficult with the reach of Suzune's staff and their position on fighting along the stairs. During the fight, Aoi hears Suzune tell her that Oga will be put in despair by Takamiya himself; hearing this, Aoi retorts that Oga is the least associated with that particular word.[73] Afterwards, she is forced to defend against another attack by Suzune; however, her opponent manages to break through her defense and snap her wooden sword into two, even striking down hard on her shoulder. Aoi is alarmed to have the attack actually hit her.[74]

Aoi later notices her King's Crest glowing with power.[75] However, it then disappears afterward which Aoi takes note of.[76]

Later, Suzune informs Aoi that she had just gotten a text message informing her about how Oga apparently lost the will to fight against Takamiya. Shocked, Aoi initially denies the claim until she hears that a machine has been used to seal away his powers, surprising her even further.[77]

Aoi prepares to use Black Techniques.

Aoi then notices Ogata attempt to punch Kanzaki and rushes to defend her comrade; however, she is easily knocked away back at the base of the stairs. Nonetheless, she tells Kanzaki to leave and carry on his plans while she takes care of both Fallen Angels members on her own. Aware of her disadvantages, Aoi calls out for Koma before preparing to use Black Techniques against her opponents; Aoi then attacks Ogata and seemingly takes him down with two hits. Afterwards, she tells Kanzaki to get going and watches as he does so, listening to him tell her that she should have used her special attacks from the start. Aoi internally apologizes and states that it would have greatly damaged her body if she used it with the King's Crest, confirming for herself as she coughs up blood on her hand.[78]

However, despite managing to greatly injure both of her opponents, Aoi is defeated and left bloodied on the hallway floors.[79][80]

Aoi stands beside Baby Beel.

She manages to stay conscious when Baby Beel suddenly appears by her side. Upon hearing his unintelligible protest, Aoi suddenly gains the will to continue fighting and brings herself back up, reassuring the infant that she has not lost the battle yet; Baby Beel's power quickly transfers over to her body afterwards. As Suzune goes for an attack, Aoi strikes at chest with the power of the Zebul Emblem forced upon her palm, easily knocking her out. Then, with her broken wooden sword, she blocks an oncoming attack from Ogata before striking the back of his head with her weapon, rendering him unconscious. Aoi smiles at the defeat of both of her opponents and thanks Baby Beel for helping her, only to then realize that he has already left.[81]

Aoi with "Shameless Furuichi".

Aoi then watches as the high school is illuminated by a bright light, leaving her appalled.[82]

Afterwards, she take the two pieces of Furuichi's "soul" from Ogata and Suzune to combine them together; ultimately, the fusion results in the manifestation of a miniature version of Takayuki Furuichi: "Shameless Furuichi". He immediately starts talking to Aoi about clothing that she could be wearing for the season, annoying her because of his talkative self. Aoi then hears a commotion outside and heads towards another part of the hallways where she meets with Tōjō, who points her to the direction of the poolside, where she sees Oga victorious against Takamiya. Aoi blushes happily at the fact that he was able to win again.[83]

Aoi speaks to Oga in the morning.

Aoi eventually returns home and bandages herself up. She later finds Oga and his group outside her house so she goes to greet them. Outside, he asks her whether a part of Furuichi is with her. Aoi sleepily tells him that he is not with her. She then begins to call her fellow Red Tail members at Oga's request. Aoi calls Nene but finds that she is not answering her cell phone. Afterwards, she calls Chiaki who tells her that a part of Furuichi was at her house earlier, but left. Aoi informs Oga of the news and, as they try to go to Chiaki's house, yells out that Chiaki lives near 4th Street.[84]

Powers & Abilities

Aoi is a swordswoman, martial artist, and possesses vitality and stamina, as well as speed. She uses a wooden sword with the same slicing power as a regular katana in combat that she has proven mastery of, being able to slice through a glass window with the said weapon. She can also use anything such as a ruler or umbrella while still being equally effective. She uses the Shingetsu Style taught by her grandfather which also gives her the ability to break rocks barehanded.

Another example of her enhanced physical strength is when she was able to slice through a concrete wall with a wooden sword during her first fight against Oga. Also, she was able to slice a part of Sakaki's wooden sword with a ruler and destroy Koma's shrine with a tree branch. She has the ability to anticipate an attack and avoid it from an opponent who is lurking behind her. She also has a good defense as she was able to block Oga's punches barehanded without being knocked out during her training at Decapitation island.

Shingetsu (Heart Moon) Style:

  • Nadeshiko: a barehanded stone breaking technique.
  • Battou-Jutsu: a sword drawing technique.
    • Ichishiki Hagan Kiku Ichimonji (First Ceremony Wave Rock Chrysanthemum Straight Line): Aoi emmits and becomes surrounded by Pink Aura. After that, she draws her sword, slashes her target horizontally, then resheathes it.
    • Ichishiki Kai Hazan kikiuichimonji Tsuinosen

      Ichishiki Kai Hazan kikiuichimonji Tsuinosen (First Ceremony Revised Destruction Mountain Chrysanthemum Straight Line Chasing Flash ): Aoi slashes at the ground with her wooden sword, creating a powerful shock wave that can rift the earth. The technique is powerful enough to take out several delinquents of Ishiyama.
    • Nishiki Hyakka Midare Zakura

      Nishiki Hyakka Midare Zakura (Second Ceremony 100 Flower Storming Sakura): Aoi draws out a pink, energy-like aura around her body that takes the form in that of several sakura petals( similar to senbonzakura kageyoshi). She then slashes at her enemy with her wooden sword creating several pink, wave-like patterns that destroy the target. The attack is capable of destroying a large portion of a wall in Ishiyama High School, including the glass windows.
    • Sanshiki (Third Ceremony Upturned Swallow Tailed Eaves): A technique that creates a fast rotating wind circle. It blows anyone away who is in the vicinity.
    • Fifth form:(Desert Haze): Aoi creates a wind vortex by scraping the tip of the bokken against the floor vertically with both hands while resting on her left knee.
    • Destroyer form Six(Fairy sword dance): Numerous upward and downward wind slashes performed in a blink of an eye.

Ankokubutō (暗黒武闘; Literally meaning "Dark Armed Struggle"): It is a technique in which she lets a Demon possess her body. It greatly enhances her speed and strength but it lowers her capabilities to anticipate an attack coming from an unsuspected opponent. She acquired this technique after completing 3 days of training under the guidance of Suiten Ikaruga at Decapitation Island. She has used this technique only while fighting against the 5 Pillars during the Akumano Academy arc. She also used this technique when fighting Ogata and Suzune to hold her own and greatly injure her opponents before she was defeated.

After training to learn Ankokubutō, she begins wielding a real katana. She can also allow Koma to imbue the weapon she is wielding with his Demon power to increase its overall strength.

Shingetsu (Heart Moon) Style:

  • 2nd Stance: 100 Cleansing Petals Demon Wear: Pretty Flower Storm: A wind technique imbued with Koma's power in which Aoi slashes up walls and her opponents’ clothes.


Nene Ōmori

Aoi has a very good and strong relationship with Nene. The two respect each other really much and in their particular situation, Nene really acts like a sister (Nee-san, like she often refers to Aoi) towards the Red tail leader, being often worried about her behavior and also "love problems" such as when she thinks about Oga.

Chiaki Tanimura

Together with Nene, she's Aoi's major underling. Since Chiaki rarely speaks, not much is known about their relationship, but it could be assumed that Aoi thinks of Chiaki as a good friend, since she admires the Queen so much.

Tatsumi Oga

Aoi Kunieda has had a crush on Oga ever since she met him at the park, when in disguise. She is often seen blushing or acting shyly around Oga on numerous occasions. Oga seems to be friendlier towards her alter ego, Aoi Kunie; he even invites her to go get some ice cream in one chapter. In chapter 113 Oga (Beelzebub) hugs her making her blush. Oga is also the only person she quickly forgives after she gets mad. When Oga and Kunieda were having a fight up on the roof, she thought that Oga had beaten Nene and Chiaki. However, after finding out the truth, she quickly apologizes to him saying that it was her fault.

She tends to lecture Oga when he does something wrong, for example when Oga was giving Kunieda a ride home on his bike, he and Baby Beel were yelling out to get stronger, only for Kunieda to tell them to be quiet as it was a nuisance to the neighborhood. Also, when Oga explains to Teimu's Shadow Force Gang about Baby Beel's demon praying dance, she quickly takes Oga to the side and lectures him. 

As the series progresses, Oga and Kunieda start hanging out together more, and her feelings for Oga become stronger and stronger. The trust between the two is also shown to have gradually grown; this can be seen when Kunieda asks Oga if he needs a hand fighting against the demons at Akumano Academy, his reply simply being "hell yeah" with a smile (even though he usually prefers fighting alone and dislikes help in a fight). Another example showing how much they trust each other is in chapter 134, where Kunieda comes to back him up against the female demons, telling him that she'll take on the demons on her own and that he should go hurry rescue Hilda. It is shown that they fight well alongside each other, as seen a number of times (one of which was when they first arrived at Decapitation Island and were fighting off the demon spirits/mannequins together).

Others often think that Kunieda and Oga are a couple (an example being, when on the ship to Decapitation Island, an old lady says they look like a newly wed couple going on a trip together, causing her to blush. another example is when she and Oga went to the Rice-Boy Hero Show together, all their class mates thought they were on a date).


Aoi has seen Hilda as a rival ever since the fight between the two of them. Aoi was told by Tatsumi after their second confrontation that Hilda is not his wife. They started to get along with each other during the St. Ishiyama Arc although they had resumed their rivalry when baby Beel showed more affection towards Aoi because of her strength due to her training and forming a "contract" with Koma thus making Hilda jealous. Even though they get jealous of each other they see each other as worthy opponents.


Aoi met Koma when she asked Isafuyu for a way to fight demons. Aoi initially did not like Koma because of his pervertedness. But, they do end up working together after she is able to tame him with the help of Isafuyu. They go together to Decapitation Island with Oga and Beel to train and learn Ankokubutō from Ikaruga Suiten.


  • "I wonder... is he divorced...?" - To Nene and Chiaki.
  • "A....anyway the demon stuff is confidential!! Got it!" - To Oga.
  • "Excuse me!? And what about you? Why can't you properly do your job as a wet nurse" - To Hilda.
  • "I'm feeling relieved. it looks like the wound you received before have healed completely. However, it's from here on that I will show you... the results of my training." - To Hilda while fighting.
  • "Get out here now! I don't know if you're truly a tengu or not, but if something like you is a god, then I'll destroy both you gods and demons." - To Koma.
  • "Make sure, you come back with Hilda" - To Oga.
  • "C-Could you... go out with me. - Asking Oga "out" to meet their guidance counselor.
  • "Wife... What's that? Does she mean that red liquid that the French are well known for?" After Hilda said that she's Oga's wife.
  • "Is her woman's intuition telling her not to back down from me?" - Referring to Hilda.
  • "What the hell is this? Why on God's green earth do I have to be bad-mouthed like this?" - To Oga.
  • "A K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Kiss!? Y-Y-You mean w-where they l-l-lock lips!?" After Yolda told her how to return Hilda's memories.


  • The name Aoi means "hollyhock, althea" (葵).
  • Aoi's surname Kunieda means "country" (邦) (kuni) and "branch" (枝) (eda).
    • Her alias surname Aoi means "blue" (青) (ao) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


  • A recurring joke is that Aoi misinterprets most things Tatsumi Oga says as something romantic when that isn't actually the case: examples include "Will you go out with me?" (manga) or "Will you do it with me?" (anime) when Oga is actually referring to a "park debut"; when Oga said, "Ah... oi," making her think he is referring her by her given name (Aoi) (in Japanese culture, typically only people who are close are allowed to refer to an individual in such a manner); Oga is asking her if she wants to be Beel's mother (when he actually means just getting rid of Beel and giving him to her); and in an instance when he gives her Beel and tells her not to go farther than 15m (so that he won't get electrocuted) she mistakes it as "stay by my side".
  • Aoi is one of the five human individuals that can feel Zenjūrō Saotome use Demonic power which proves she has considerable strength as a human. The other people who felt his Demonic power were Oga, Hidetora Tōjō, Shizuka Nanami and Hisaya Miki.
  • Aoi's bust size is different in the anime and manga:
    • In chapter 115, Koma insults her bust size by calling it a 70 that she becomes offended and says it's an 80, although it is unknown if this is true or if she's just bluffing.
    • In the anime, her bust is much larger.
  • Aoi's hair color is different in the anime and manga:
    • In the anime, it is consistently black with a noticeable blue tint.
    • In the manga, her hair often ranges from black to blue.
  • Aoi is one of three female characters who their seiyuu is from K-On! series with Aki Toyosaki (Aoi's seiyuu) is previously voicing Yui Hirasawa. Ironically, Yui is much more like Azusa Fujisaki due their personality is same despite Yōko Hikasa (Azusa's seiyuu) is voicing Mio Akiyama. Has the same personality with Aoi.


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