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This is the image policy for the Beelzebub Wiki.

Images are an integral part of any Wiki, as they provide visual guidance to the reader on a topic.



  • Images are to be uploaded in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format only.
  • Images not associated with encyclopedic content, including fan art, are only to be used within user pages, not within the actual articles.
  • Pornographic images and images containing inappropriate language are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Only .GIF files may be used to display animations. Posting videos or links to videos from websites such as YouTube, also known as video sharing websites, are prohibited. Videos on YouTube are beyond the Wiki's control and are subject to deletion at any time either by its copyright laws or its original uploader. If a video from YouTube or a link to it is posted on the Wiki and the video gets deleted, a broken video or link is created. By restricting YouTube videos, we can minimize the number of broken videos or links on the Wiki and keep it clean. Exception may be granted on user pages only.