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This is the manual of style for the Beelzebub Wiki. For information on page layouts, please visit the Layout Guide.

Capitalized vocabulary

The following words and types of words must be capitalized:

  • Human
  • Demon
  • Character names
  • Location names
  • Technique names


This is an English-language Wiki. Apart from non-English proper names, all content in this Wiki must be expressed in English, including articles, as well as discussion and talk pages. Please try to attain a solid background of the English language before editing on the Wiki.


For romanizing Japanese vocabulary, revised Hepburn romanization is to be used. Fansubbers are known to use wāpuro rōmaji to romanize Japanese vocabulary. For example, the term Tōhōshinki uses revised Hepburn romanization, whereas wāpuro rōmaji uses Touhoushinki. Please avoid using wāpuro rōmaji on this Wiki and learn revised Hepburn romanization before editing.


All proper names should be listed in their native languages, whether Japanese or English. Characters' full names should be expressed in Western ordering. For example, the character Tatsumi Oga as opposed to Oga Tatsumi.

Although a reliable source for translated material, fansubbers tend to modify translations to anglicize expressions, jokes and puns otherwise exclusive to the Japanese language (e.g. the rhyming of Hell and Macau in Japanese is replaced with rhyming Hell and Seychelles in English). Fansubbers may also Westernize terminology and brand names unknown in the English-speaking world (e.g. Calpis soda is replaced by Sprite), or use various accents of the English language to portray Japanese language dialects (e.g. a Southern American English accent in place of a Kansai dialect or Okinawan). The Beelzebub Wiki bases its information on the content of the original manga series, not fansubbed translations of the series. Therefore, users must be careful not to rely heavily on fansubbed material, particularly when referring to expressions, dialects and brand names.

Characters should commonly be referred to by their first names, surnames, or abbreviated names depending on which forms of their names are used the most throughout the manga series (eg Oga for Tatsumi Oga, Nene for Nene Ōmori, Hilda for Hildegard, etc.). In the case of the character Beelzebub, his abbreviated name should be expressed as Beelzebub, not Baby Beel as it is an unofficial abbreviation, or Beel Boy or Beru Bō as these names are too uncommon to the reader.