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Nikathelostio Nikathelostio 9 April

Wiki Management

Notice: This blog may be edited if I notice something that needs to be added to this list. The reason for this blog is to get a overview over what needs and what should be changed to make this wiki better, both in quality make it easier to find information and read the pages. You are completely free to leave a comment if there is something you disagree with.

One more thing: To lessen the chances of vandalism, please turn on Require all contributors to log in in Admin Dashboard.

  • 1 Top Navigation
  • 2 Useless pages
  • 3 Character Pages
  • 4 Images and fanarts
  • 5 Templates
  • 6 Categories
  • 7 Conclusion

This mainly goes for the Pages linked under Universe. The top navigation should be updated. Some of the pages have very little information, some of them doesn’t exists. And as …

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Unok Unok 18 April 2020


Hi, all. I'm planing on requesting adoption of this wiki. The last active bureaucrat was in March 2019.

I'm a long time Wikia user with experience at managing anime/manga related wikis. I want to improve and modernize some of the designs and add more content that is missing.

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Aplicorne Aplicorne 4 August 2019

If I had a demon baby i'd smoke it and coat it in bbq sauce

exactly as the title says. this may kinda contradict with one of my shower thoughts but that wont matter as long as I avoid the dick, say no homo and wear socks

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Mugenf Mugenf 16 June 2018

Regarding Beelzebub’s 2nd Season

80% of the Blogs in this Wikia are either about requesting someone to make the second Season of Beelzebub, or asking for when it’ll come out. I’m sorry to say, but Beelzebub won’t be getting a second season.

  • 1 Why won’t it get a second season?
    • 1.1 Reason 1
    • 1.2 Reason 2
    • 1.3 Reason 3
  • 2 What should I do?
  • 3 Closure

Beelzebub won’t be getting a second season for multiple reasons. I’ll explain them here so you guys don’t need to freak out on why. But don’t worry, I’ll try to give you some tips if you start dying of Beelzebub deprivation. Additionally, after reading this blog, I request that you don’t go making a blog about a second season. Please message me if you would like to, and I’ll try to work something out.

  • The Anime had an “Anime only” ending.

If you d…

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Justdontmind8 Justdontmind8 28 September 2015

Wish for season 2 of Beelzebub

=== I wish for season 2 of beelzebub!!! i also like hilda and oga love duo!!! Plsssssssssssss season 2 of this anime!!!!! or else you will regret it!!!===

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Gaith1993 Gaith1993 25 September 2015

make new season 2 plZZZZ

== make 2nd season plzzz the best anime ever 

and make Furuichi and Yolda fallen in LOVE

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Prince beel 2 Prince beel 2 28 May 2015

please create beezebub episode 61

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Supermilktime Supermilktime 27 October 2014

please make season 2!!!

Please make season 2!!! beelzebub lover are waiting for this season 2!! 2 years ago is the finale of beelzebub season 1!! we are still waiting for season 2!! and we will be happy to watch season 2! we will be waiting for season 2 :D

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Supermilktime Supermilktime 19 October 2014

season 2 plss!!!! plss!!! plss!!!

Plssss season 2 of beelzebub!! Many ppl now love beelzebub and waiting for season 2 like me and other ppl! We will be waiting for season 2!! Tnx

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Ponchooo Ponchooo 8 July 2014

Beelzebub season 2 will be?

Hello, I finish watching anime and now I have question, any chance to see 2 season in beelzebub?

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Syd3r Syd3r 21 February 2014

Beelzebub Ending Reactions?

Hello fellow Beelzebub fans! As you know Beelzebub ended this week after five years and 240 chapters. The ending was... well. I feel the manga had so much more potential. At least we have the spin off to look forward to (hopefully). What did you guys think of the ending or just the manga/anime in general?

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PierceCheng PierceCheng 7 February 2013

Hilda (Hildegarde) - an ignored heroine

I know you are the heroine on this work, so you have the same scene of the hero Oga Tatsumi and his partner Baby Beel. Because it is unchangeable rule of every animate.
However you have a treatment is a female supporting role and less than Kunieda Aoi and Furuichi Takayuki, also you have a few scene in every opening and some episode (e.g. 49) and even go to school. You know? You must not imitate Tojo Hidetora! Because you must learning everyday to improve your personal appreciation if you want to become the best Demon Maidservant.
To match up this article, now I enclosure the music video "A few (少數)" by Hong Kong male singing group "C Allstar" to let you admire:

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Kuriani Kuriani 25 August 2012

Furuichi FTW

As you guys probably found out...furuichi becomes really strong really quickly in this weeks chapter.


It's about time that Furuichi get some battle power. But I hope its a once in a while thing. The best thing that could happen with this is that Furuichi gets this super strength once in a while. The worst thing that could happen is that Furuichi never gets this power again. would be weird if Furuichi stays this strong. This is just my opinion. I would like to hearr yours.

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Erzapippo Erzapippo 18 July 2012


Berubo is the son of the great demon lord. He is also called Beelze or baby Beel. He is so attracted to fighting, making trouble[ being evil]. oga is the stongest in ishiyama high school. nobody has ever defaeted him. this the reason now oga is the father of berubo.

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Glass Heart Glass Heart 29 April 2012

Beelzebub Achievement

Before I begin anything, let me announce (for those of you who aren't aware of it yet) that it was Golden Week in Japan, hence the reason why there wasn't a chapter released on Thursday. However, it appears that Weekly Shōnen Jump is making up for it by releasing new chapters early. And so, the 154th chapter of Beelzebub was released (along with an omake chapter). I'm afraid I can't find a better reference for that, but considering that it was included in the chapter, I'm sure that's still a good source of factual evidence. Anyway, congratulations for Beelzebub and to the manga, which is still ongoing and getting better and better.

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Kuriani Kuriani 2 April 2012

Just Asking!!!

Hey guys...I've been thinking of starting a chapter review blog or chapter prediction blog in this wiki. This is to improve communication and participation between us members. Should I try it out? Yay or nay?

And, if you guys are interested, I just came across a Beelzebub fanon wikia [ ] that someone (not me) made. There was only a few articles in there and I added two more. If you guys are interested, please participate in that wikia too.

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Glass Heart Glass Heart 27 February 2012

Active Members!!

Hey, this is Glass Heart!! So lately, I've noticed that there hasn't been a lot of people editing this Wikia. In fact, it's almost as if I'm the only active user around her (not essentially true, but it's beginning to feel like that). Either we need more active members or we need our current members to get active on editing! That's just my opinion, though, so feel free to comment and edit Beelzebub Wikia anytime soon!! And this is for the people who are actually reading this...

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Luffayking12 Luffayking12 28 December 2011

wussup guys

hi im luffayking12 but you can call LK12 or felix the cat also tell me a little bit about beelzebub im only on chapter 4

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ThyBlaze ThyBlaze 21 December 2011

Stub Template

Sorry to tell you this but the stub template is rather messy. When you posted it in a page it'll look like this, if you're much aware.

I've been meaning to suggest that, at least, put some background colors and pictures. Take these as an example:

Fairy Tail Wiki Stub Template :

Inazuma Eleven Wiki Stub Template:

See what I mean? Now, here's my version of my Stub Template for the Beelzebub Wiki:

I hope you'll be daring to approve it. I meant no offense.

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Kuriani Kuriani 28 October 2011

Just for the sake of Participation

This blog is just for the sake of getting to know your fellow wikia members and to know their names (screen names)....... Who is your favorite character in Beelzebub? For me, its Hidetora Toujo. I also like Furuichi and Kanzaki. And, do you think Furuichi will ever get powerful. If yes, what kind of powers will he get?

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