Called a Magical Girl
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Japanese Title 魔法少女と呼ばれて
Mahō shōjo to yobarete
Episode 27
Airdate July 24, 2011
Manga Chapters N/A
Previous Episode Episode 26
May I Call You Aniki
Next Episode Episode 28
Let's Try Doing Body Measurements
Theme Music
Opening Hey!!!
Ending Nanairo☆Namida

Called a Magical Girl (魔法少女と呼ばれて, Mahō shōjo to yobarete) is episode 27 of the Beelzebub anime.


In order to make up for forgetting his daughter's birthday, Alaindelon brought Angelica to Furuichi's house for a tour of the Human World. Unfortunately while the gifts were being retrieved from Alaindelon, a Yople alien teleported into the human world and escaped. Angelica resolves to track down the Yople, using a demon wand that transforms its user into a Magical Girl. Gathering 4 other girls - Hilda, Azusa, Honoka and Aoi, they form the 5 Fairies of Light and manages to track down the Yople at an amusement park where Tojo was working as part of the cast in a Gohan-kun theatre drama. A rival girl gang challenges Aoi while they were capturing the Yople and a fight ensures. Eventually, Furuichi manages to pin down the Yople and both of them are teleported away with Angelica's ability. Furuichi eventually returns back to the human world through Alaindelon, leaving him to wonder if he was even inside Angelica at all in the first place. Unfortunately Angelica left before Furuichi could enquire any further.

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Ep27 Cameo

En and Izabella's cameo appearance.

  • En and Izabella make a cameo appearance next to the otaku in the audience struggling to identify the 5 Fairies of Light.
  • Furuichi's sacrifice play homage to famous Sailor Moon series.