Come? Won’t Come?
Colour Chapter 8
Kanji 来る? 来ない?
Rōmaji Kuru? Konai?
Chapter Information
Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 8
Episode Number 5
Story Arc Tōhōshinki Arc
Release Information
Pages 19
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Next A Man Is
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Come? Won’t Come? (来る? 来ない?, Kuru? Konai?) is chapter 8 of the Beelzebub manga.


In the warehouse, Furuichi has just noticed Hilda lying unconscious and beaten. Acid Suzuki watches him from a chair with a glock pistol on his left hand, claiming she won’t wake up for a while. Acid explains to Furuichi that this is a kidnapping and that whether he kills him or not depends on his mood and what Furuichi says. He is interrupted by Himekawa, who notices Hilda and picks her up by her braid. Furuichi recognizes Himekawa from the when Acid calls his name. Himekawa asks Acid who Furuichi is, whom Acid identifies is Hilda’s tag-along. Suddenly, Himekawa effortlessly kicks Acid in the abdomen and sent flying to the wall. He is irritated at Acid bringing Furuichi in when he only needed Hilda. Acid cries back, asking for his extra responsibility. Himekawa proceeds to assault him further. Meanwhile, Furuichi notices Hilda waking up and becomes excited. Hilda claims she took a strong drug and now her body can’t move, even though she’s a demon. She also claims some drugs can be lethal to demons. Himekawa, now armed with Acid’s pistol, interrupts her, asking for her cell phone. When Hilda claims she has none, he points the pistol at Hilda’s skirt and shoots it off, exposing her thighs. Furuichi pleads for him to stop, but a thug holds him back. Entertained at her fan service, Himekawa realizes Hilda really doesn’t have a cell phone. Again, Furuichi pleads for him to stop. Himekawa now points the pistol at Furuichi, whom obliges and passes Himekawa his cell phone.

Oga is outside facing four thugs who want to beat him up after what he had done to them. His phone rings. Oga answers, ignoring the thugs and their restlessness. Himekawa tells Oga of his kidnapping of Furuichi and Hilda and tells him to come alone to the warehouse. There, Furuichi taunts Himekawa, claiming Oga had already stopped fighting. After being struck in the head in response, Furuichi becomes serious and claims Oga will definitely come. Sure enough, someone enters the warehouse. However, the person is revealed to be Alaindelon. Furuichi is shocked and Hilda is disgusted. Himekawa says that their time is up, to which Furuichi begins a fit at Oga for not coming. Suddenly, Oga’s voice can be heard. Alaindelon splits himself to reveal an excited Oga with Beelzebub hiding inside, whom is annoyed at Furuichi causing trouble for him again. Striking down a thug with his fist, he apologizes for being late. Furuichi recalls him having said he was not going to fight anymore, but Oga claims he’s not fighting. Facing Himekawa will the seal on his hand, Oga claims he is instaed performing the king’s execution.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Takayuki Furuichi
  2. Hilda
  3. Acid Suzuki
  4. Tatsuya Himekawa
  5. Tatsumi Oga
  6. Beelzebub IV
  7. Alaindelon