It Was Fun
Chapter 027
Kanji 楽しかったぜ
Rōmaji Tanoshi katta ze
Chapter Information
Volume Number 4
Chapter Number 27
Episode Number 18, 19
Story Arc Tōhōshinki Arc
Release Information
Pages 18
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Previous Battle
Next The Doctor Came
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It Was Fun (楽しかったぜ, Tanoshi katta ze) is chapter 27 of the Beelzebub manga.


By the river, Tōjō, and Oga are in the middle of a fight against each other. Furuichi, standing by the two, is amazed at Tōjō’s strength. Tōjō offers to continue their fight. Shōji, standing by them and carrying Beelzebub, thinks the fight Is becoming more of a festival. Oga and Tōjō land punches on each other, sending each other back. Shōji thinks the two are stupid for attempting to fight each other until either of the two collapse. Tōjō tries to punch Oga, but Oga catches his punch. Oga tries to punch Tōjō back, but Tōjō catches his punch too. The two are grabbing each other’s arms, then slam each other’s heads. Shōji is amazed at their identical fighting methods. Still holding each other’s arms with their heads together, Oga tells Tōjō not to copy him. Tōjō asks Oga what his first name is. When Oga tells him it’s Tatsumi, Tōjō thanks him and pushes him back. He finally reveals to Oga that Beelzebub isn’t his and that he picked him up to take care of him until he finds his parents. Oga claims he never asked about Beelzebub, to which Tōjō asks if Oga isn’t his parent. Frustrated, Oga asserts his claim that he never asked about Beelzebub and punches him in the head. Oga subsequently punches Tōjō repeatedly, while Furuichi cheers him on in encouragement. Accidentally, Oga rips off one of Tōjō’s sleeves, revealing the Zebub seal on his arm. Tōjō expresses his gratitude to Oga for being able to get more serious in fighting and punches him. The punch is so hard, Oga is sent flying up into the sky and splashing across the river, to everyone’s shock. Tōjō thinks that the punch he just did was the most he could do. Shōji tries to insist that it wasn’t, while Furuichi is shocked at what he just saw and, breaking the fourth wall, claims that it was something only seen in gag manga. Picking up Beelzebub, Tōjō claims that Oga only fell in the river. Walking away, he tells Furuichi to tell Oga that it was fun fighting. In the river, Oga is drenched and depressed with a fish in his mouth.

Coming home, he recalls Misaki telling him never to come back until she finds Hilda again. Oga disregards this and walks in to find Hilda standing in front of him. Hilda is bothered by Oga’s tardiness and how she’s been trying to help Beelzebub while Oga went out fighting. Oga is confused at Hilda’s presence and tries to confirm with her that he isn’t Beelzebub’s parent anymore. Hilda claims that no one but Oga can be Beelzebub’s parent, while Oga spots two blob figures standing on top of the stairs and becomes even more confused at what’s happening.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Tatsumi Oga
  2. Hidetora Tōjō
  3. Takayuki Furuichi
  4. Shōji Aizawa
  5. Beelzebub IV
  6. Misaki Oga
  7. Hilda
  8. Furcas Rachmaninoff