Ittōsai Kunieda
Ittosai Kunieda
Kanji 邦枝 一刀斎
Rōmaji Kunieda Ittōsai
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair White
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Shinobu Kunieda (daughter)
Unnamed Son-in-Law
Aoi Kunieda (granddaughter)
Kōta Kunieda (grandson)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 22
Manga Debut Chapter 39
Voice Actors
Seiyū Hiroshi Iwasaki
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Ittōsai Kunieda (邦枝 一刀斎, Kunieda Ittōsai) is the grandfather of Aoi Kunieda and Kōta Kunieda.


Ittosai is a fairly tall elderly man.




Tōhōshinki ArcEdit

Prince En ArcEdit

Akumano Academy ArcEdit

Return to Ishiyama High School ArcEdit

Ittōsai Bandages Aoi

Ittōsai tending to Aoi's wounds when she comes home.

When Aoi returns home from school with injuries, she receives first-aid treatment from Ittōsai. As he bandages her body, he learns about what had happened to her, becoming displeased when he learns that she refused to fight back, even though the ones who attacked her are former allies. Sometime later, several of the Red Tail girls arrive at the Kunieda residence while Ittōsai is still bandaging Aoi. He explains what Aoi had apparently told him and comments that she might listen to their reasoning instead. When he finishes up, he notices that some of the girls' male classmates have arrived, particularly Oga.[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Ittosai is the master of the Shingetsu style and can perform every technique it emplores. He taught Aoi and the Red Tails how to fight. He also showed no fear when facing off against Behemoth showing great combat prowess if not confidence in his skills.

  • Nadeshiko - A stone breaking technique which he taught to Oga and Aoi.
  • Kannagi - (Eighth Ceremony Sword drawing technique) Ittosai unsheaths and resheaths his sword quickly causing the area where his target is to be cut completely in half.




Aoi KuniedaEdit

Kōta KuniedaEdit

Tatsumi OgaEdit

Mistaking Oga as a suitor for Aoi's love he immediately attacked Oga leading to a fight between the two. Despite winning, his opinion changed of Oga changed after seeing him take out some people trying to harass him. At the current moment, he approves of Oga as a prospective Grandson-in-Law.


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