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The Beelzebub series takes place in a variety of locations. Most of these places are initially in the nation of Japan. As the series progresses, it expands to include locations in the Demon World that Baby Beel originates from.

Locations in the Human World[edit | edit source]

Ishiyama High School[edit | edit source]

Ishiyama High is the school where most of the story takes place. Many of the characters in Beelzebub attend here.

Saint Ishiyama Academy[edit | edit source]

After Ishiyama High School is destroyed by Oga, the students attend St. Ishiyama Academy until their school has been rebuilt.

Decapitation Island[edit | edit source]

Decapitation Island is an island where Suiten Ikaruga, an old associate of Saotome, lives. Tatsumi Oga and Aoi Kunieda are sent there to train on how to fully use a demon's power. The island is also a home to many demons.

Locations in the Demon World[edit | edit source]

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