Japanese Title MK5
Majide kūkiyomenai 5-ningumi
Translation 5-Man Group Unable to Read the Atmosphere
Leader Ikari
Headquarters Ishiyama High School
Members 5

The MK5 (MK5, Majide kūkiyomenai 5-ningumi; Literally meaning "5-Man Group Unable to Read the Atmosphere")], are an Ishiyama High gang.

They were suspended and are known for their immense cruelty and disregard for the few rules among the delinquents.

Despite their reputation, they are extremely weak and every battle they start always end with their defeat. When they first appeared they were under the leadership of "Queen" Miwa, however after being transferred to Saint Ishiyama Academy they started working with "Good Nait" Shimokawa.


In episode 50 of the anime, after hearing that Oga had challenged some other school (in reality the Pillars) they were offended at not being notified, since they consider themselves the "Top" of Ishiyama.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Each member of the MK5 is named after a member of Japanese rock and roll band and comedy group The Drifters.
  • Each member wears a tie.
  • Their name can also mean "Mood Killer 5"
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