Glowing girls in middle from left to right: Chiaki, Aoi and Nene.

Red Tail (烈怒帝瑠 (レッドテイル), Reddo Teiru; Literally meaning "Violent Anger Emperor Lapis") is an Ishiyama High School all-girl gang founded by Misaki Oga sometime before the series.

It's possibly one of, if not the oldest gang in the school as it was founded before the current Tōhōshinki. The gang was created for the safety of the girls of Ishiyama High School. The current leader, Nene Ōmori was given her title after Aoi Kunieda resigned. The group has a strict policy that any member who has or gains a boyfriend must immediately quit. Furuichi revokes this rule by simply asking Misaki to break that law (which she admitted she couldn't even remember such a law existed).

Known MembersEdit


Red Tails ST pic comp

More prominent Red Tail members:
Top row: Aoi (left), Nene (middle), Chiaki (right)
Bottom row: Yuka (left), Ryoko (middle), Kaoru (right).


  • Misaki Oga: First Leader & Founder (retired)
  • Ringo Hōjō: Second Leader (retired)
  • Aoi Kunieda: Third Leader (resigned, post retook after chapter 200)
  • Shizuku Itoi: Former member of the first generation of the Red Tail.
  • Haruka: Former member of the first generation of the Red Tail.
  • Nene Ōmori Fourth Leader (retired)