Shouko Oga
Kanji 男鹿の母
Rōmaji Oga no Haha
Race Human
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Youjirou Oga (husband)
Misaki Oga (daughter)
Tatsumi Oga (son)
Mashaharu (Uncle)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Voice Actors
Seiyū Rie Takahashi
Image Gallery

Shouko Oga (男鹿の母, Oga no haha) is the wife of Youjirou Oga and the mother of Tatsumi Oga and Misaki Oga.


Much like the other family members, she has short brown hair and black eyes. Being middle-aged, her hair is greying (as shown by how much lighter it is compared to her children) and has aging skin. She often dresses like a stereotypical mother, such as a simple blouse and an apron.

After Tatsumi came back from time traveling to the past, she looks more youthful as she was noted by Oga to look ten years younger. She also has much longer hair than in the previous timeline.


Shouko seems to be a very kind woman. Though initially shocked by the idea of her son already having his own family, she quickly comes to accept Hilda and Beelzebub IV into her home. She seems excited to be a grandmother and even stated that Beel reminded her of Tatsumi when he was younger. Sometimes she will get irritated with her husband's unusual behavior. When Hilda refers to her demon heritage around her, she either misunderstands or takes it as a joke. In the (anime) Hilda states that Oga appears to get his personality from her.

In her younger days, She acted like a Gyaru and hated her husband's fickle attitude, and when Tatsumi took the mantle of his father and beat Mashaharu single-handedly, she becomes clingy to him, asking if he came to pick her up. It indicated that she somewhat fancies decisive and reliable men, though she loves her husband with her statement that Things aren't right without him around.


Mobichi ArcEdit

Shouko is outside doing chores for her family, specifically hanging the clothes and drying them out in the sun. She receives help from both Alaindelon and Hilda.[1]

Saint Saint X'mas ArcEdit

Shouko folds clothes with Hilda inside the house. While in the dining room, they talk about Christmas and Shouko wonders whether the holiday is celebrated in Macau. As they continue to talk about the holiday, Shouko reminisces on a childhood memory regarding her son and laughs at its silliness.[2]

Return to Ishiyama High School ArcEdit

One morning, she has breakfast with her family. She uses the time to inform her son about a "trial" nursery school that recently opened up nearby, which she suggests that he and Baby Beel go together.[3]





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