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Reviving this Wiki

Please help Mugen in reviving this Wiki. To revive this Community, please contribute more; make edits, revert bad edits, comment on Articles, leave people messages on their Message Wall, etc. Do anything that will help in making this Community grow.

Anything that isn’t vandalism or against FANDOM’s Guidelines is accepted.

Moderator Applications

Currently, this Wiki has one (and just one) Moderator. Since all others have been demoted by FANDOM Staff, it isn’t particularly difficult to understand the fact that this Community needs more new and active Moderators. If you are interested in becoming one, then please consider applying here.

As of now, the only options available to apply for are the positions of Administrator, Content Moderator, Discussions Moderator. Eventually, the options of Bureaucrat and Chat Moderator will be open soon.

You are not allowed to apply if you have been blocked once, as most Moderators need to be “trustable.” And, a Moderator that has had a block before, isn’t really considered trustable in the eyes of most people. Though, not many in this Wiki has been banned before.

Fixing up Stub Pages

There are many stub pages in this Wiki that need to be cleaned up. Just one person working to fix the stubs isn’t going to work. This is a team issue. It will be very appreciated if you help everyone on this Wiki by cleaning and fixing up at least one stub page.

Not only will fixing stubs help this Wikia out, it’ll also make it look more professional, and hopefully, attract new contributors to the Wiki.

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