Black beel pulls Zenjuro
I'm Takashichea, a member of Team W.I.K.I. Nation from Anime Vice. I'm a longtime wiki editior who worked on Beelzebub for Anime Vice. I came here to help the other wiki editors. I add as much info as I can while managing my other wiki job at Anime Vice and school.
Furuichi and Lamia caught in a lewd conduct

Furuichi and Lamia caught in a lewd position

Annabanana is my great partner at Anime Vice. She got me into Beelzebub. In fact, she got me into a lot of anime just like my little sister. Over there, Anna had a ton of Beelzebub images. I hope to share that with the good folks here. Here are some images she posted.

Status: I'm not active on Beelzebub Wikia. My love and commitment goes to Anime Vice, Sket Dance Wikia, and Magi Wikia. I was going to say Rave Master Wikia. I didn't give it enough commitment. Sorry Mega.

Other Wiki Editor ProfilesEdit

Anime Vice ProjectsEdit

In Anime Vice, I had a lot of projects. I'm still new to the wikia sites. With school and Anime Vice, I have to manage my time a better. Sometimes, I end up overworking. I work on episodes, volumes, characters, and more with my teams. During Fall 2011, I did the weekly reports to talk about the anime and its wiki work for the sake of my team.

Wikia ProjectsEdit

Top PrioritiesEdit

  • Sket Dance - Help out with the episodes and characters.
  • Beelzebub - Help out with the episodes.
  • Fairy Tail - (it's low because they have a lot of wiki editors there)

Work LogEdit

  • Jan. 30 = I was having a hard time doing anime/manga differences for Black Beel and Zenjuro in episode 52. Tyciol told me a different method which I followed now.
  • Jan. 31 = I added the Taniyurikai image of the girls when I saw FOMA working on their page.
  • Feb 2-3 = I worked on several episodes' character sections. I did the summary for episode51 and 52.
  • Feb. 4-5 = I added Lamia's image of her and Furuichi in a lewd conduct in her relationships section. Did a bit tweaking to fix the grammar stuff.
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